To our gests

In order to ensure the total satisfaction of our guests, we will absolutely never compromise on our ingredients and the taste of our cuisine.We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere from the heart where you may enjoy special moments.We are proponents of SincerityThe mild fragrance and sound of ingredients of the highest quality being baked on the iron plate.Being able to enjoy a friendly chat with your chef.You can say that this is the real charm of teppanyaki.We hope to leave a lasting impression on our customers through our concept of Sincerity, and by interacting with them in a natural way.


The pork used at Ginmeisui is of the finest quality and has been carefully selected by our head chef himself. Also, our specially selected Kuroge Wagyu beef, which mainly comes from carefully bred male cattle, approximately between 32 and 36 months old, is prepared in a way which brings out the best characteristics of the ingredients, such as a rich umami flavor and a mild fragrance.


Our head chef, as well as all of our cooking staff, will display their carefully learned amazing skills and hospitality to our guests by cooking before their very eyes. We hope you will enjoy watching our special techniques and magician-like hand movements.


The relaxing, elegant atmosphere of a restaurant interior based on Japanese modern style. While the seats at all three parts of our counter each offer a different view, you can watch the skillful hand movements of our chefs from any angle. As the seats at the tables in our private room are set up so that guests can enjoy their meal while facing each other, they can be used for corporate entertainment, as well as for dinner parties.