Like a rare jewelA happiness that only Kobe Beef can give


At our restaurant on Ginza Dori, we offer a teppanyaki of Kobe Beef, which captivates food-lovers from around the world.
Our restaurant has been certified as a "Designated Registered Restaurant" where real Kobe Beef is served, and due to our thorough management are able to serve highest-grade meat that is in the best condition possible to our guests.
We hope that you will enjoy the unforgettable condensed taste.

Kobe BeefTaste characteristics

Characterized by high-quality finely marbled fat with such
a low melting point that skin contact can melt it.
Lean meat
The meat has a very fine texture and has the sweetness of a high-quality product.
The true pleasure of Kobe Beef can be found in the harmony of the flavor of its fat and its smell.
Umami components
It contains components which increase the flavor of the fat and the meat,
which give it its unique taste.

Assessing - Purchasing

All cuts of Kobe Beef served at our restaurant are sourced from trusted suppliers and are all assessed by our chefs. They check the color of the meat and the melting point of the marbling, and specially select fillets and sirloins which are most suited for teppanyaki. Taking special care to not let the umami flavor escape, all pieces are ordered vacuum-sealed.

Thorough quality control

As soon as our restaurant receives Kobe Beef, it is refrigerated. In order to ensure the quality of the meat, it is stored at a temperature very close to freezing, and after aging it like this for approximately two weeks the quality of the meat improves and becomes softer. In order to minimize contact with air until right before we offer it to our guests, we only cut the meat until an order has been received.


We don't ever cook our steaks with excessively high temperatures. Our signature style utilizes medium level heat for cooking. Depending on the preferences of our guests, we cook the meat to get a temperature between 45℃ and 50℃ at the center. And in addition to that, a Maillard reaction on the outside gives the meat a nice brown exterior along with an irresistibly mellow aroma. Each dish is prepared with the utmost expertise to offer incredibly savory umami flavor and aroma.

Enjoying Kobe BeefGinmeisui's recommended courses

※It is possible to substitute the steak
of the Main Menu for Kobe Beef for ¥6,000 (Incl. tax.)
※Sumire Course Only + ¥8,000(Incl. tax.)


¥28,000(Tax Included)

  • Kuroge Wagyu Roast Beef
  • Soup
  • Seasonal Fish Sautee
  • Japanese Spiny Lobster Teppanyaki or Abalone Teppanyaki
  • Single item Hors-d'oeuvres
  • Top-grade Kobe Beef Sirloin Steak (100g)
  • Garlic Rice
  • Red Miso Soup
  • Dessert
  • Coffee or Tea

Grand Menu